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3 comments on “September”

  1. Excellent tunes I am putting together what I call the " jukebox". It consists of tunes I grew up with from the 40's through present day. It is a big and fun project and includes various genres from "long hair" to jazz. Eventually I will get all of them on to a stick drive and have non stop music whenever I want. All these are great tunes in my opinion.

  2. Feelgood music September is one of those songs that you can play anytime anywhere and it just makes you feel good. Before you know it, you catch yourself dancing in your seat; in the car or at your desk. Turn it up and dance until you are out of breath then hit play again. It's a great song.

  3. Fantastic I am a huge EWF fan. Loved them in concert back in the 70's. They were an energetic group to watch. This album is good. If you are not into R&B cosmic, spiritual music, this is not the band for you.

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