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3 comments on “Sergeant Dead Head”

  1. Mixed Bag of Beach Party Shenanigans in the Space Race The bad news on this film is that much of the dialogue was poorly written and poor Fred Clark's character seems much more like a minimum wage worker rather than a general. There are plenty of missed opportunities for wittier dialogue and more interesting plot devices.The good news is that you can still enjoy a mid-60's comedy w/light scifi aspects that features a good cast. Fortunately, Eve Arden's character is the most vibrant and best conceived. Cesar Romero and Reginald Gardiner...

  2. Very silly but entertaining film with Frankie playing 2 roles! Some of the actors (and actresses) of other Frankie Avalon beach movies have cameos in this film. Frankie Avalon does an excellent job of playing two roles of himself! A great supporting cast including Buster Keaton, Caesar Romero, Eve Arden, Daryl Hickman, and many others!Recommended for Frankie Avalon fans!

  3. If you enjoy the Beach Party universe This is a DVD-R, which made me worry it was a bootleg, but the video quality is very high and the menu system is very professional. Likely just a cheaper way to produce a less popular title. If you enjoy the Beach Party universe, you'll probably like this one as well.

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