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It’s a shove off the fence post and a call to action--The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming will not be satisfied until barriers to understanding climate change are obliterated. David Wallace-Wells taps into our collective survival instinct by challenging our individual roles in this all-encompassing issue.

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What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include? Synopsis of the original bookKey takeaways from each chapterThe 11 elements of chaos brought by climate changeThe socio-political ramifications of inactionWhat we can do to fix itEditorial Review

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  1. delivered My sincerest apologies. We did receive the book, but while we thought we ordered the book, we in fact ordered the summary. I can't imagine, at 35 pages, why the summary is sold at all - large type, slim information.On the other hand, if you like Cliffnotes, this may be for you. We will be exchanging.

  2. WORTH BUYING A good summary of The Uninhabitable Earth.If you can't read the book, at least read the summary.

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