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A visual encyclopedia that showcases the most amazing things about our planet as kids have never seen them before with mind-blowing photography, brand-new CGI artworks, and incredible facts and stats.

Kids can explore amazing natural structures, incredible weather patterns, ocean phenomena, and constantly changing features of Earth. They can look down from above, up from deep underground, and around from the middle of a raging storm as they journey through the spectacular imagery of colorful coral reefs, the center of a volcanic eruption, castle-like ice caves, and much more. Lively and informative text is based on the latest discoveries and scientific research, and dashboard-style fact files provide information at a glance.

Super Earth Encyclopedia will take kids on an amazing journey, revealing the dramatic features of the phenomenal planet we call home.

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3 comments on “Super Earth Encyclopedia (Super Encyclopedias)”

  1. Beautiful! Bought as a gift, but I wanted to keep it! Haha! Really magnificent photos, easy to understand explanations, clear and concise! Beautiful book! And not just for the young! Was a gift for a curious 84 year old.

  2. Great Book My 5 year old son has tons of energy. I got this for him for Christmas thinking all the pictures might grab his attention and help keep him occupied on really cold winter days. He loves it. I love it. Of course he can't really read it yet and doesn't get too much out of some of the details that are written but it's a great conversation starter about earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, etc.

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