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  1. Symbiotic Earth This documentary film is a ground-breaking video presentation of the unheralded work of a ground-breaking, indeed heroic scientist who labored most of her life to develop a thesis about the origin and development of life-on-Earth that is more and more commonly recognized as a ground-breaking next chapter in the theory of the evolution of life. If one has read Darwin, then one must also read (or in this case see) Lynn Margulis. HARVEY SILVERGLATE, Cambridge, MA.

  2. Essential documentary The word essential is thrown about casually these days but I do not do so in this case. This is one of the most important films of recent years and deserves to be seen. It is a great portrait of Lynn Margulis, capturing her charm, eccentricities, and drive. For that alone it is worthwhile, because we don't often get to see women scientists portrayed in such detail. But what makes the film essential, in my view, is that it does an excellent job of explaining the science behind Margulis' work,...

  3. For Everyone Who Cares About Mankind, the Earth and the Future of Both John Feldman has made a clear and compelling film about a very complicated subject: how mankind interacts with the bacteria in the world -- and within our bodies. He introduces viewers to Lynn Margulis, a gutsy, rule-breaking scientist (who happens to be female) whose groundbreaking work has impacted fellow biologists and will continue to do so. The film is a must-see for students of nature, biology, evolution and ecology.

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