Taking Earth

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3 comments on “Taking Earth”

  1. Quite possibly the worst movie ever. I love a sci fi. This movie has it all. All the things needed to make it nearly unwatchable. Had I not actually spent money on it I may have actually turned it off part way through. Weak plot, poor acting, horrible actors. Just horrible. Makes B grade movies look top notch. Some of the special effects were ok but they should be ok at a minimum in 2017. It is almost comical it is so bad. At least it was a sci-fi.

  2. So-So Sci-Fi I would have liked to have known the backstory of the protagonist a lot earlier in the film. The movie did have an ending, but it was a little flat. The overall premise was good and it had a lot of potential. This movie just had a few missed opportunities, but it is decent enough to watch from beginning to end.

  3. What the Heck was that about? First of all- Should of had sub-titles. Couldn't understand what these English Blokes was sayin. So I probably missed a lot of the plot lines. Like why the kid was so important. why there was a war in the first place. Maybe if it had some nudity I could of overlooked a lot of the flaws, but alas, none to be had. I watched the whole movie and a sequel would probably clear up some of my questions, but I wouldn't advise the investors to waste their money.

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