Tales From the Flat Earth, Night's Daughter, Deliriums Mistress, Nights Sorceries

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VERY GOOD-BOOK/ GOOD-DUST JACKET, STATED 1ST EDITION: 1ST PRINTING as evidenced by print history number line ending in the number 1. Hardcover science fiction. Book is NOT SIGNED OR AUTOGRAPHED. Dust jacket has minor shelf, rubbing and light edge wear. In very good, lightly read condition, not price clipped, not library or book club edition, not remainder marked. Seller is a lifelong book collector and each edition comes directly from his 35,000+ volume collection! Orders are shipped every business day using USPS Media Mail for all U S. orders. Orders shipped from Grover Beach, California. 93433Thank You! DGS 2044 A

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  1. Lords of Darkness part II Lords of Darkness part II (Night’s Daughter)Before I speak on this let me recap by reposting my review of the first book “Wildly inventive mythological storytelling at it's best. Love the use of language it's rich texture and complex plots I knew nothing about Tanith Lee or her work, I was just pursing my friends reading lists and I just thought the title looked interesting, knowing nothing more than that I ordered the book and was surprised to find it was over 700 pages. (So...

  2. The Flat Earth tale continues. If you have read the previous 3 books of this series, then you know how magical these stories are. This book contains the final stories from Tanith Lee's Flat Earth and focus on Dark's daughter. Tanith Lee is an amazing writer and sometimes the words leave you reeling in her imagination. The story here involves Dark's daughter and her lover Delirium. The journey these two must go through is crushingly tragic and spiritual.This story will cross over and include all the characters you have...

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