Teen Earth Magic: An Empowerment Workbook

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Earth-based spirituality and magical activism for teens - and everyone! - in the tradition of Starhawk and Reclaiming. This is a workbook like no other, based on twelve years of rituals, classes, and grassroots activism at Reclaiming's Teen Earth Magic camp. Filled with dozens of photos from the California-based youth retreat and its sibling camps Witchlets in the Woods and Redwood Magic Family Camp, the book includes: step-by-step skills and practice in creating magical rituals; sample rituals including an online ritual; magical activism; interviews with participants about the meaning of magic and how we can use it to help change ourselves and the world; dozens of spells and workings that can be done alone or in groups; solitary and small-circle magic; dealing with curses and negative energy; pentacle workings; intuitive tarot and divination; chants for rituals and everyday magic; and much more! With a Foreword by Starhawk, whose Earth Activist Training courses helped inspire Teen Earth Magic.

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  1. For teenage liberation and the adults that support them! The young people involved in this project have produced and extraordinary tome on teenage liberation! Complete with brilliance on boundaries, connection, ritual, direct action, and mutual support. If you have any teenagers in your life, your kids about to become teens, you;'re an auntie (of any gender), a fairy goddess mother, educator or anyone who loves and supports teens and those who will be (or who were once teens) this book is for you! It's fabulous and it brings tears to my eyes that...

  2. Cutting edge pagan book There is really no other pagan book like this. It is focused on teen witches, providing exercises for teens exploring witchcraft. The book is written in an informal, easy style, rather than an authoritative voice that defines teens' experiences for them. As such, the voices of actual teens in this book comes through loud and clear. While Luke Hauser is the primary author, he channels the words of the teens rather than imposing his own agenda. As an older witch, I wish there was a book like this...

  3. Must have for anyone flirting with Magic, all ages! This book is truly a work of profound wisdom and experience in the realms of bringing magic into the lives of participants as an empowering resource.My kids did Teen Earth Magic and came away with beautiful concepts, strong community and a cauldron full of tools for life in the muggle world.Buy a copy for every person you know who dabbles or swims in magic.

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