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Acclaimed children’s book author and photographer April Pulley Sayre’s love letter to Earth is a stunning exploration of the beauty and complexity of the world around us. Remarkable photographs and a rich, layered text introduce concepts of science, nature, geography, biology, poetry, and community.

April Pulley Sayre, award-winning photographer and acclaimed author of more than sixty-five books, introduces concepts of science, nature, and language arts through stunning photographs and a poetic text structured as a simple thank-you note.

Touching on subjects from life cycles to weather, colors, shapes, and patterns, this is an ideal resource for science and language art curriculums and a terrific book for bedtime sharing. Thank You, Earth is a great choice for Earth Day celebrations, as well as family and group read-alouds.

Includes backmatter with kid-friendly ideas for conservation projects information about the photographs, and additional resources.

3 comments on “Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planet”

  1. This love letter to our planet is beautifully written and illustrated This love letter to our planet is beautifully written and illustrated. The end matter provides ideas for turning the love of planet Earth into action, and encourages children to write their own thank-you notes to our wonderful planet. This book is a fabulous resource for elementary classrooms and libraries as they celebrate our planet on Earth Day or any day!

  2. Utterly exquisite photos and text. As always, Sayre's ... Utterly exquisite photos and text. As always, Sayre's writing is so deceptively simple and yet profound. I bought a copy for my baby grandson and another for myself!

  3. Everyone should own this book. I frequently give April's books as gifts for new Moms and young children. Oh, and I keep one for myself! Her photos are breathtaking and the writing is poetic. This book is just so beautiful and is an important reminder of all that we need to cherish and preserve.

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