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3 comments on “The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull”

  1. Absolutely great audio painting by drone legends Drone pioneers Earth first made waves on the metal/experimental scene with a couple of albums that were pure walls of repetitive hypnotic guitar washes, and on "Earth 2", regarded by many fans as the definitive early Earth album, the drone was carried out to extremes, particularly on the last cut, which basically repeated a slow sequence for 25 minutes plus. That is the kind of stuff that is best experienced when lounging and wanting to immerse yourself in a mesmerizing or meditating...

  2. Great music, a must own album for music enthusiasts. Usually music like this is found in movie soundtracks and the like. I could see this working for a Clint Eastwood western, or perhaps for No Country for Old Men. It's doomy and hypnotic at once. Very psychedelic, too.But, above all, it's great music. Top notch work by fantastic musician visionaries. I've heard some of Earth's early work and I can say that they've come a long way from their origins.Originally these fellas were making heavy, droning stuff, very much...

  3. The Old West meets metal blend is wonderful. Drone Metal / Doom Metal is something of ... For background music, it's incredible. The Old West meets metal blend is wonderful.Drone Metal / Doom Metal is something of an acquired taste, and I've never quite gotten it, but this one is a bit different from the others in the genre. Excellent album.

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