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3 comments on “The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire Vol. 1”

  1. 10 Classic Songs... Still Stands as the Best!!! Yes, There are other compilations out there, but this stands as the best. 10 classic songs that cannot be beat. If you want to have "Boogie Wonderland" and "Let's Groove" you will have to purchase some of the other compilations. I realize many songs that may be considered essential songs are not on this album. This only goes up to 1978 and omits some the earlier material. It heavily focuses on the main stream pop songs that you heard on radio. "Reasons" was not released...

  2. and Fire is just the best! I love this music Earth, Wind, and Fire is just the best! I love this music, and feel bad that the lead singer Maurice White is now pasted away. Beautiful music!

  3. GREAT FEEDBACK & CD!! FANTASTIC CD!! #! ! A+! ! I LOVE IT!! AWESOME GROUP!! BUY IT!! :o) Just got it today-5/24/2016!! I love it!! Awesome!! Fantastic!! Amazon is like a Xmas Wonderland!! I will be doing all of my shopping here!! Great music store!! Great!! Amazon has everything you could ever imagine or want!! :o)

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