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3 comments on “The Blue Planet”

  1. Great documentary series... if you don't compare to Planet Earth. Planet Earth and Planet Earth II have spoiled me. While the documentary content in is quality, the five-year gap between The Blue Planet and Planet Earth shows how much film technology and quality has evolved. A lot of the content in this series is lower than full-HD resolution.The core of my rating is that the content is 5-star, but the footage is an average 3-star. Definitely a good documentary series if you can separate the quality that is found in Planet Earth.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE I LOVE This series. My kids love these so much. We watch a lot of documentaries at our house because I am a Biology teacher and this is a favorite. The images and video is amazing and so captivating. The narration is great also. My 8 year old asks to watch these and my teenage daughters also love them. Great family entertainment.

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