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THE CHANGING EARTH: EXPLORING GEOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, is a leader in the Introductory Geology course. The content of the sixth edition is based on the best-selling texts PHYSICAL GEOLOGY: EXPLORING THE EARTH and HISTORICAL GEOLOGY: EVOLUTION OF EARTH AND LIFE THROUGH TIME, both written by James S. Monroe and Reed Wicander. Briefer than the previous edition and maintaining a consistent and clear writing style throughout, the text provides balanced coverage of physical and historical geology with engaging, real-life examples that draw you into the material. The sixth edition includes excellent illustrations, photographs, and maps that aid your understanding of this especially visual science. The book design presents the material in easily digestible chapters, with clear delineations between sections and well-placed artwork.

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  1. Took Geology over the summer. They were using the ... Took Geology over the summer. They were using the newer edition, but I bought this one because it was WAY cheaper and basically had all the same content. I passed with an A, so using an older edition won't hold you back. Check with your professor prior to purchase, just in case.

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