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3 comments on “The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)”

  1. Such a wasted opportunity It started off alright but becomes horribly predictable. Every character is so cliché and stereotypical it becomes unwatchable. I turned it off halfway through.

  2. THE REMAKE IS A TOTAL MESS!!! THE STORY IS ANYONE'S GUESS!!! “THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL” The ORIGINAL 1951 Golden Globe winning sci-fi movie is still the best. Right from the start, it told a clear story. Composer Herrmann's eerie electronic sound track gave me goosebumps and put me on the edge of my seat. By contrast, THE REMAKE JUST PUT ME TO SLEEP!The ORIGINAL MOVIE is an ageless gem. Sam Jaffe’s Professor Barnhardt, (based loosely on Albert Einstein) is the character who played the most pivotal role. It was he who suggested a...

  3. Loved the spheres instead of spaceships Loved the spheres instead of spaceships. But that kid was so annoying...I couldn't help wishing the metal bug what's-its had got him. The old man was creepy...what the hell was he telling Connelly when she left? Connelly herself was like an automaton. There was something almost creepy about her flatness at times. I wished it had been intentional, but it wasn't. Reeves was OK as Klaatu, but his conversation with the old Chinese man was comically stilted and absurd...and it got worse from there...

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