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Having passed his first test at the Academy, most believe Tolan has proved he belongs. Only Tolan knows the truth: that his shaping required power from the borrowed bondar—and possibly from the elementals themselves. If he can’t find a way to shape without one, he’ll be expelled from the Academy. When he intervenes to stop another attack on the city, he once again finds himself in the middle of the battle between Terndahl and the Draasin Lord. Worse, because of his continued reliance on the bondars, he begins to fear he might be responsible for releasing elementals.Another test approaches. For him to remain at the Academy, he must find real power within himself, but a greater challenge distracts him. With increased attacks on the city, Tolan might be the only one to know what they’re after—and how to stop them.

3 comments on “The Earth Awakens (Elemental Academy)”

  1. Fast pacing action and exciting ways to discover your power. Awesome book, the author builds the characters slowly but purposely. Although you think the main character will succeed in all his trails, the outcome is usually not what you think, but rewarding nonetheless. Very interesting way to use and describe magic from other fantasy books. Very original and thought provoking. Can’t wait to see where it ends...

  2. Excellent series, just keeps getting better Some interesting twists and turns in this one as the characters are further developed and some new ones added. Lots of familiar elementals from his earlier books and an interesting storyline developing which should carry a full series. Great author and an excellent book.

  3. Very solid read. The author writes a good book and is very much worth reading. I read a lot, more than I really should...this is my fourth this week. My point is that I'm not saying to read it because it's the best but because it's good and very much worth reading.

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