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Over the years the earth has moved many times under San Francisco. But it has been thirty-eight years since the last strong earthquake. People have forgotten how bad it can be. But soon they will remember.

Based on actual events of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and told from the alternating perspectives of two young friends, the earth dragon awakes chronicles the thrilling story of the destruction of a city, and the heroes that emerge in its wake.

3 comments on “The Earth Dragon Awakes: The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906”

  1. Hooked on History When I met with my top second grade reading group a few weeks ago, I introduced them to this book. Wow! They've been engrossed ever since. I give them a thought-provoking question to guide their reading and a quick writing assignment to go with it, such as "How do Henry and Chin feel about their fathers?" Their text-related answers are beginning to change as the characters react to the earthquake. My readers want to know everything they can about the famous San Francisco earthquake...

  2. Good Book for Science Although this is a lower reading level then most of my students I chose it for science because it is important to read in every class (yes, even science and Math). I chose this book over a few that are for upper elementary because the story is interesting and the kids will not get stressed about reading a tough book.

  3. I highly recommend, The Earth Dragon Awakes I highly recommend, The Earth Dragon Awakes! It is a great book that I used with my 4th graders during our informative/expository text unit. The author uses historical fiction to describe the 1906 San Francisco earthquake in an engaging way with plenty of figurative language and historical facts to make it more compelling. The book also highlights the political climate in Chinatown and how the Chinese were discriminated against during this crisis.

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