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The first book of its kind to address the issues of global change from a true Earth systems perspective, The Earth System offers a solid emphasis on lessons from Earth's history that may guide decision-making in the future. The authors' systems theory approach looks holistically at all that happens on Earth and the interactions of all that is here—such as the effect of weather on land, the effect of erosion on the ocean, the chemical changes that occur—and emphasizes that these processes do not happen in a vacuum. An emphasis on global change addresses such modern issues as global warming, ozone depletion, and biodiversity loss.A variety of boxed inserts address topical issues related to the material presented, giving readers appealing visual and highlighted aids.
Global Change; Daisyworld: An Introduction to Systems; Global Energy Balance: The Greenhouse Effect; The Atmospheric Circulation System; The Circulation of the Oceans; The Cryosphere; Circulation of the Solid Earth: Plate Tectonics; Recycling of the Elements; Focus on the Biota: Metabolism, Ecosystems and Biodiversity; Origin of the Earth and of Life; Effect of Life on the Atmosphere: The Rise of Oxygen and Ozone; Long-Term Climate Regulation; Biodiversity Through Earth History; Pleistocene Glaciations; Global Warming, Part 1: The Scientific Evidence; Global Warming, Part 2: Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation; Ozone Depletion; Human Threats to Biodiversity; Climate Stability on Earth and Earth-Like Planets.
A useful reference for anyone who wants to learn more about Earth processes to become a more well-informed consumer.

3 comments on “The Earth System (3rd Edition)”

  1. 2nd edition COULD WORK instead of 3rd edition I got to University in Reno, NV and am ALWAYS looking for ways to save money in college... that process often goes into full force at the beginning of each semester as I scour the interwebs for cheap text books (often older editions).Because the class (Atmospheric Science 121) has just started and I have JUST received the book I have no knowledge of how easy/fun/not-boring this book is to read, BUT, I do have the basics to compare this to the 3rd edition (which is $50+ more)... here...

  2. Grayscale, but OK This is a foreign printing. No color photos or figures -- all are grayscale, which doesn't seem to be a problem. Very comprehensive text with lots of detail about how the earth works. Highly recommended. It's also a great bargain compared to the US, color, versions.

  3. The book is not colored ! The main problem with this version of the book is that it isn't colored like the original, and lots of graphs in thebook use the full color spectrum. And it is pretty hard to view and understand the graphs in just gray scale.

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