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Nobel Laureate Pearl S. Buck’s epic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and Oprah Book Club selection about a vanished China and one family’s shifting fortunes.

Though more than seventy years have passed since this remarkable novel won the Pulitzer Prize, it has retained its popularity and become one of the great modern classics. In The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck paints an indelible portrait of China in the 1920s, when the last emperor reigned and the vast political and social upheavals of the twentieth century were but distant rumblings. This moving, classic story of the honest farmer Wang Lung and his selfless wife O-Lan is must reading for those who would fully appreciate the sweeping changes that have occurred in the lives of the Chinese people during the last century.

Nobel Prize winner Pearl S. Buck traces the whole cycle of life: its terrors, its passions, its ambitions and rewards. Her brilliant novel—beloved by millions of readers—is a universal tale of an ordinary family caught in the tide of history.

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  1. A long interval I am a well-read male, sixty-five years old. I have read perhaps a thousand books in my lifetime; some fiction, some non-fiction. I recall setting down The Good Earth as a teenager after turning the last page and thinking, “This is the greatest book I have ever read”.I purchased The Good Earth on Kindle recently because it was $3.00 and I recalled it having an effect on me. It moved me as it did fifty years before. It is simply, and yet powerfully written, stirring the same emotions...

  2. Very compelling and satisfying Very compelling and satisfying in its telling. Gratifying to discover this book I overlooked in my youth. Covers the life of a Chinese peasant farmer and his family - from poverty to extreme wealth, from youth to old age and death. It is rich in detail of life in rural China in the late 19th and early 20th century. Wang was a man passionate about the land he farmed who was on his own in sorting out the changing needs of his family, doing the best he knew how. He was a basically honest and...

  3. Absolutely Relevant and Vital Nearly 90 Years After It Was Written Published in the 1930s as the first in a trilogy, this book by the inimitable Pearl Buck brilliantly tells the life story of one Chinese man and through this the story of China in the 1920s.Wang Lung begins his adult years as a poor, nearly poverty-stricken farmer. He is so poor that he can only afford to marry a slave. But that slave, O-Lan, however ugly she may be, is strong and hardworking and together they beat the odds—until nature wins. But don't count these two out quite yet...

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