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3 comments on “The Great Math Mystery”

  1. Great as always. NOVA has a long legacy of producing great content. This is no exception. I'm never disappointed. The format of covering all aspects from start to end is what I enjoy most. I hate one sided or stories half done. I hope this legacy will continue to inform and inspire us for a long time to come.

  2. Pluto is still a planet Not bad... The stream worked well enough, using Verizon DSL.I was hoping for more updated photos of Pluto at the end.... It only had a snippet of the first photo.I thought - by now - they would've pasted on a few of the more comprehensive images.

  3. Wonderful, entertaining, thought provocating story about math. Fascinating and engaging story about basic math building blocks and how closely tied to nature they are. Many of these building blocks were accepted before they could be proved centuries later. A must see for math lovers and good introduction to those that may not have an appreciation for the subject.

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