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This is a classic book about a businessman named Demos Shakarian. God gave Demos a vision of millions of men all over the world who had blank looks on their faces. He then was taken on trip around the world and saw these same men who found the secret to becoming the "Happiest People on Earth". With God's leading, Demos started the "Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International" The Fellowship grew to over 8000 Chapters in 143 Country's and is still very active today. His vision has inspired millions of men and women to fullfill their God given destiny. This book has had a major impact on the Christian World for over 60 years.

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  1. What a Book! What a Life! What a Story! About ten days ago I just happened to think about Demos Shakarian and the title of this book. Back in the 1970's I used to attend Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship meetings. They were a real blessing!So, I was thinking about the title of this book and realized that I had never read it. I went online to see if I could find a copy because I felt impressed that God wanted me to read it.I found that it had been out of print for 30 years and had recently been reprinted and...

  2. A Lesson in my family history. Here I am 66 years old and reading this beloved book for the first time! My cousin Demos has produced a book that touches the heart, produces tears of joy and the good news of Jesus. My maiden name was Mushegan and I am so grateful to our ancestors who came together from that tiny village of Kara Kala, Armenia, listening to the voice of prophecy so that other generations would not be snuffed out. So many have been touched by Demos Shakarians willingness to follow the Lords voice. I will see you...

  3. Precious Holy Spirit stories Written from the heart - from a heart tuned ti Holy Spirit wavelength. As with other Sherrill works, these precious souls have helped Demos Shakarian put into Holy Spirit words His-Story of his life. Many thanks to God for this book.

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