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3 comments on “The Last Man On Earth (In Color)”

  1. Amazing. So much plot and so much to think ... Amazing. So much plot and so much to think about. Such a good ending. After finally seeing this movie, I kind of lost respect for "I Am Legend" because it's just a rip off of this movie master piece.

  2. One of Vincent Price's best Despite Richard Matheson's dissatisfaction with this adaptation of his novella, this remains both the best of version of his story as well as quite arguably the best movie Vincent Price ever starred in. Special mention should be made of the really quite effective colorization of this film. Even a wonderful picture like George Romero's Dawn of the Dead suffers from the obvious limitations of physical make up on the actors playing the zombies, but the colorization allows such a convincing...

  3. Disturbing story Is this colorized? The colors are all a bit run together and have no subtlety. The sound and the lips moving don’t quite match so that’s a bit disconcerting. The story is disturbing. Other reviews talk about the movie obviously being low budget, but I don’t think a bigger budget would have improved it. Sometimes bigger budgets are only used to add effects that take away from the story. I think the editing could’ve been a bit better. The ending was a natural result of the realities of the...

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