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3 comments on “The Last Vampire On Earth”

  1. The only way to purify such heinous sin is by ritual roasting--to fry him like their Chicken God This is phenomenal. Imagine if Ted Cruz's secret son was a flabby vampire named Aurelius who only uses his powers for ping-pong. He attempts to date a girl whose family belongs to a chicken-based cult. The family eats nothing but fried chicken. At first, the family welcomes him because he shows the mark of the Chicken God--excessive body fat. But then Chad sees Aurelius vomit fried chicken after one of their chicken feasts. To refuse and defile the nutrients of the Chicken God is blasphemy. The...

  2. Very low budget, and it shows. I couldn't get past the first 10 mins. The action is very poor, and the "cinematography" is absolutely horrible. There is a vignette like effect to the entire thing, which makes it hard to enjoy. It's almost like you can't see what is going on. The video quality is really low and it's is very dark. The scenes do not seem believable and it is almost awkward to watch. The story idea is pretty cool but the execution was absolutely, ridiculously horrible.

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