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Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II gives you a chance to experience all that Middle-Earth was meant to be. Delve deeper than ever before into the fictional world of Tolkien, as you wage war in the North. Assume command of the most storied civilizations in all of Middle-earth history, the Elven and Dwarven armies -- or if you prefer, fight on the side of Evil to aid Sauron in his conquest. Fight with or against heroes and creatures that have never been seen in The Lord of the Rings films! Control battles with all-new enemy AI, melee combat, and unprecedented tactical fidelity Build anywhere brings creativity and strategy to base building and battlefield dominance Control the entire war with a high level Risk style meta-game Larger-than-life naval battles

Product Features

  • Real-time strategy game based on the Lord of the Rings film trilogy
  • Control massive armies across the vast world of Middle-earth
  • Build a landmark castle; create hero with all-new customized RTS units
  • Fight on either the side of good or evil; powerful new A.I. system
  • Single or multiplayer gameplay modes

3 comments on “The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 - PC”

  1. Fun, different gameplay; The original is better I can't believe the original BFME is on Amazon for almost [...]--I bought mine at on sale in a store for about 10! So I searched around and found this was still pretty cheap.Game Overall:It's lost some of it's luster from the first one becauseA)You aren't fighting battles from the moviesB)Only some of the characters are voiced by the movie actorsC)There are less characters from the movies and more original "new" game heroes--you can't direct Boromir, Gandalf,...

  2. Recipient very pleased I purchased this as a gift. The recipient played the game multiple times at a friend's house and wanted his own copy. He is very pleased and has played this for months. Others who have played his game have desired to purchase it. According to the player: "Even though the game is old, the graphics are good and I haven't had any [technical] problems. It's really fun. The game play is similar to other kids' games we've played but this is for older ages. It is a fun strategy game." I think he said...

  3. I love the game I love the game, there are three main single player modes. War of the Ring, which is a risk like mode. In which you build amies, and your bases. The main goal of the game is to wipe the other factions out, or take there capital region. In this mode once you have a battle you have two options. Real time the battle, which is the one I would say to use, due to uses this option you win usually. Then there is the other option which is auto resolve the battle. In this mode you can build any units, or...

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