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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth is an epic campaigns where the goal is to control all of Middle-Earth! Wage all-out combat against either the forces of good or the armies of evil, controlling troops and managing resources. The fate of a continent is your hands!

Product Features

  • Real-time strategy game based on the Lord of the Rings film trilogy
  • Fight on either the side of good or evil by commanding one of four groups
  • Control massive armies across the vast world of Middle-earth
  • Create new heroes and customize the abilities and powers
  • Single player and online massively multiplayer modes

3 comments on “The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth”

  1. Trolls Eat Orcs to Heal Themselves! Too funny. Many diverse situations to deal with make this a challenging, fun game. There are some huge battles (Mordor v the White City, for instance). The maps are great - the progression of armies on the outstanding Campaign Maps is inspired. The story line for Campaigns is excellent. Gameplay is typical EA: easy to learn and use. There are too few options by far, though - no ability to set any Hotkeys; there's no Pause Game with the game-screen visible. For a 2004 release, though, this is a terrific...

  2. Good game with Caveats This will be a scanty review but I wish to comment on something that is most important, at least to me. Yes, this game does a lot of things right...great graphics, sound and music, playability, etc. But realize that the game is of the real-time strategy genre--where you have to collect resources and build things which make other things. Once you build those things (fighting units), you have to send them off to demolish what the computer player (or human player) has created. So, it's...

  3. Doesn’t work! So frustrated, I bought this and when it arrived, there were a bunch of error messages saying that it doesn’t work 😤

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