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3 comments on “The Man From Earth”

  1. Fantastic This is one of the best written, thought provoking films I have seen. Yes, it is broadly a sci-fi movie. It is also the lowest budget sci-fi movie you will ever see- absolutely no CGI or special effects. Yes, read that again.Rather the story is character driven. Centered around Professor Oldman who is packing up and moving on, a group of his fellow college professors gather to say goodbye. Oldman decides to tell a story. What starts as a simple fireside chat (in the living room), he opens...

  2. I love this movie This movie really took me by surprise. Despite that almost the entire story takes place in a living room, and that it is just a conversation, I was riveted. While I can sometimes appreciate a high brow movie or play, generally speaking I'm more of an action fan. I'll take a Marvel Comics movie, Star Trek or Star Wars over emotional drama unless the script is extraordinarily well written. This is one of those. While there really is no suspense, it is incredibly gripping.

  3. Suppose someone you know is older than you could imagine It was low budget and simple, but the story carried it. To imagine the possibility of immortal people walking around, without our being aware of them, was conceptually thrilling. I recently saw the movie , which had similar themes. "The Man from Earth" reminded me of the original Star Trek episode "Requiem for Methuselah," in which one extraordinarily long-lived man born in Mesopotamia lived many lives,...

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