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The New Earth From Above: 365 Days is now fully revised and updated. Reaching across the continents, from the icebergs of Antarctica to the cotton fields of India, the breathtaking, full-color photographs are accompanied by informative new text that describes the environmental concerns related to each location. Each chapter of the book opens with an insightful introduction by a different noted author who addresses a subject critical to the future of our planet: agriculture, biodiversity, sustainable development, energy, forests, water, and global warming.
This edition includes 60 new and unpublished photos taken by Arthus-Bertrand over the past few years. The text throughout the book is revised to reflect changes in the world since the last publication, and includes three new authors: the heads of WWF France and the Observatory of Renewable Resources, and the president of Alter Eco, a fair trade firm.  Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s powerful aerial photographs reveal the incidental beauty of our planet and are reminders of our capacity to save or destroy it.

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  1. HEAVY to hold, but thrilling and educational to read by any age! This was a book I found at my son's home and found I could not put it down. He had an earlier version but as soon as I saw it I knew at least two folks who are VERY hard to buy for on any occasion and I knew immediately that I needed two of them. I did order the newer versions. However, this is like opening a National G.. You can hardly put it down except it is a very heavy book! That did not impede my twin eight year old grandsons sitting on the floor thumbing through this. I picked it up...

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