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The Politics of the Earth: Environmental Discourses, Third Edition, provides an accessible introduction to environmental politics by examining the ways in which people use language to discuss environmental issues. Leading scholar John S. Dryzek analyzes the various approaches that have dominated the field over the last three decades--approaches that are also likely to be influential in the future--including survivalism, environmental problem- solving, sustainability, and green radicalism. Dryzek examines and assesses the history, interplay, and impact of these perspectives, concluding with a plea for ecological democracy. An engaging writing style and helpful boxed material make this complex subject more understandable to students.

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  1. ... the debate has moved on this is still an excellent guide to the any viewpoints While since this book was published the debate has moved on this is still an excellent guide to the any viewpoints. Some of those views may be unwelcome or incomprehensible until one understands how they developed and the background, what different assumptions are made and entities recognised. This books applies the same analysis to each without judgement and makes it easier to debate with holders of 'outrageous' beliefs - whichever faction you support.

  2. Four Stars Important to understand the different approaches and discourses around sustainable development..

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