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Eight legs of terror! Moviegoers had already been exposed to giant ants and a man turning half-fly when The Spider creeped onto movie theater screens. Producer/writer/special effects supervisor Bert I. Gordon was just the man to bring this giant arachnid to the screen, having frightened moviegoers with films like Attack Of The Puppet People and The Amazing Colossal Man. Quiet River Falls is the town awakened by the insect's devastating rampage. Two teens discover the monster, see it temporarily disabled by gas ... and then watch in terror as it unfolds its eight arms of doom. Will our heroes survive? Or will the entire town fall prey to this unstoppable fanged horror?!?

One comment on “The Spider (1958) [Blu-ray]”

  1. If you are into the old time Popcorn B movies. Get this. If you are into the old-time Popcorn B movies.You must have this.This is one of the good old B movies. from the 50's.Get the movie & some Popcorn. And have a kick.

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