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"Billie Wind lives with her Seminole tribe. She follows their customs, but the dangers of pollution and nuclear war she's learned about in school seem much more real to her. How can she believe the Seminole legends about talking animals and earth spirits? She wants answers, not legends.

"You are a doubter,"say the men of the Seminole Council and so Billie goes out into the Everglades alone, to stay until she can believe. In the wilderness, she discovers that she must listen to the land and animals in order to survive. With an otter, a panther cub, and a turtle as companions and guides, she begins to understand that the world of her people can give her the answers she seeks.

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  1. Conservation/ecology primary grades Great book for any unit study related to ecology or conservation. It aligns well with the IB PYP transdisciplinary theme of Sharing the Planet. A young girl is banished from her Seminole Tribe to the Everglades. She makes friends with wildlife and learns to develop her senses for listening to the animals and finally learns the import of what they can tell her about her world ands theirs. Average 5th grade read.

  2. Five Stars Excellent, met my expectations and more, timely shipping, will do business with these folks again.

  3. all the nature facts are excellent - Jean Craighead George - what more needs to ... Both girls and boys should read this book on resilience and resourcefulness in facing challenges while alone in the Everglades. Inspiring, and, of course, all the nature facts are excellent - Jean Craighead George - what more needs to be said?

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