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Cixin Liu is China's bestselling science fiction author and one of the most important voices in world SF. His novel, The Three-Body Problem, was the first translated work of SF ever to win the Hugo Award. Here is the first collection of his short fiction: eleven stories, including five Chinese Galaxy Award-winners, form a blazingly original ode to planet earth, its pasts and its futures.

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3 comments on “The Wandering Earth”

  1. Hard to Measure Against The Three Body Problem I recently read Cixin Liu’s science fiction Three Body Problem trilogy, and was pretty much blown away. The second book in the series, The Dark Forest, may be the finest science fiction work I have ever read (and I’ve read hundreds). I was anxious to read more of his work and purchased this collection of short stories as soon as I found it.This collection contains a few very good stories (Of Ants and Dinosaurs was magnificent), and several that were nothing to write home about...

  2. Heavy sci-fi, and beautiful 🙂 One of the best collections of short stories I've read since Aasimov 🙂

  3. Great Set of Short Stories I read the Three Body Problem and really enjoyed it so purchased this set of short stories. They are very creative views of future scenarios. I also really enjoyed reading this and can definitely recommend it.

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