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3 comments on “The Wild Pacific”

  1. Amazing Footage, forced narration, well worth a watch Footage:First off, the action footage is fantastic. Taking advantage of recent advances in rugged digital video, the picture quality and in-the-action shots are second to none. Honestly, the footage rivals the original planet earth series with D. Attenborough, and that alone makes it worth watching. You'll see things you've never noticed before just because the framing, camera ,location, and picture quality are so good. Like, for example, great white shark bodies flatten out at the tail a...

  2. Should Have Heeded Their Own Warning This is basically a "Bad Humans!" awareness documentary. That's certainly an important message, just in case you missed it the other thousands of times you've been inundated with it by the media. But that's not the real problem with this film.The main issue I have is that they should have heeded their own warning, because the biggest factor in this not being a better film is the human element. The script was painfully dull and not particularly informative - definitely nothing new...

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this great visual experience of the Pacific Ocean Well done and comprehensive in the expanse of its reporting. Thoroughly enjoyed this great visual experience of the Pacific Ocean, West Coast of Mexico, Grey Whales, Sea Mounts and other fascinating creatures of the depths.

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