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Meet Science Officer Raja Tully and Captain Ram Naas, as they spread Unarian influence throughout the universes. They have been enormously successful spreading their brand of civilization, until one galaxy changed their lives forever. For trillions of years, the four universes have been successfully monitored by a nearly omnipotent species called the Unarians. As they spread their influence throughout the universes, their activities have garnered the attention of a new life form that is capable of manipulating time and space. How will they peacefully coexist with such powerful beings? What can the Unarians do to maintain their peaceful rule, in light of such extreme power? Are they in fact, peaceful? To further complicate their tenuous rule, one of their own, Burlort Gramecees, has launched a massive insurgency against their attempts at creating their brand of civilized galaxies. Death is strewn across the universes, as the Roan invade thousands of galaxies to pillage for their own gratification. Unchecked Artificial Intelligence and extremely destructive gravity experiments are rampant throughout the universes. The future looks bleak for the inhabitants of the four universes. Can technology save them, or is it destiny for life to destroy life? While technological advances have surpassed most beings wildest dreams, it's not technology that Unarian Science Officer, Raja Tully, utilizes to try and save the universes. Stripped of her technological abilities, Tully must rely on more primitive solutions, like the concept of luck, to assist her in her woefully improbable attempt to combat both the powerful Entity as well as the evil Roan. Is there more to luck than meets the eye? A chance encounter with an Earthling, starts a hectic race through the galaxy, as discoveries are made and death defying leaps of faith are taken. Travel with Earthlings Dale and Kevin as they inelegantly circumvent superior alien technology, and find themselves stowaways aboard the massive Unarian starship, The Star Charger. Join them as they travel across our galaxy, trying to survive long enough to help save the universes.

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