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"This is a story about passion, purpose, fearlessness and faith." - Pastor IV Marsh, Epic Church, IAM4, LeadNow

"This inspiring book will challenge any Christian leader to grow his or her leadership muscles by finding the courage to follow their faith." - Dr. Larry Little, PHD, CEO of Eagle Center for Leadership

"This book will inspire you to believe that you can hear God’s voice clearly and specifically. You can expect God to show you His destiny for your life!" - Pastor Steven Charles, Bethesda Church

Is God speaking to You? How do you recognize His voice?

How do you follow His guidance, even when it means leaving everything behind?

Take the passenger seat on this amazing mission adventure; one that could only have come to pass through a series of divine appointments, God's direction and His miraculous healing.

Born and raised in Norway, Tore received a calling to ministry at the age of 17 and headed out as a missionary for YWAM the following year. After four years of full time ministry on four different continents, Tore found himself back in Norway with a crippling back injury - but God had one more assignment for him to complete - at the "ends of the earth".

3 comments on “To the ends of the earth: A powerful true story about hearing the voice of God and following His guidance”

  1. Blood-pumping exciting! Blood-pumping exciting! This is a wonderful inspiring story of a man who listened and obeyed his Holy Spirit guiding him. I too have served as a missionary in China and could completely relate to several things as I have experienced them myself. Tore gives such an accurate description of the emotions and thoughts that run through you as you step out in faith. There is a constant undercurrent of peace, sometimes very faint almost completely unnoticeable but there, even in the not knowing, not...

  2. This book takes you on his journey This is a wonderful book that every Christian should read. His story takes you with him to experience all of his accomplishments and all of his dark days. You will feel like you made this journey with him. Also, you will not put this book down until you know that God's word helped him complete his mission.

  3. Amazing story!!!! This is such an amazing story of how to listen and follow God’s direction. It is definitely a page turner, I received my copy on a Wednesday and finished it in two days.

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