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They've knocked it out of the park. Hit it for six. Got it in an arm bar in the first round. Pick your sport, pick your metaphor, doesnt matter: the point is clear so soon after _Fire on the Velvet Horizon_, Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess prove once again that something as unlikely as an RPG supplement can be art, of the most impressive kind. An amazing work. - China Miville

Product Features

  • Expertly written and profusely illustrated by the veteran team of Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess (Deep Carbon Observatory and Fire on the Velvet Horizon), VEINS OF THE EARTH is the most important and comprehensive guide ever published for gaming in the depths of the earth.
  • VEINS OF THE EARTH is a setting sourcebook for Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional role-playing games.

3 comments on “Veins of the Earth”

  1. Writing over stats and thats a good thing. A fantastic book! The writing and art have come together to make a wonderfully eerie set of monsters and mechanics to bring to life a creepier older feeling underground environment. The first id say Half of the book is filled with interesting monsters and races.The stats given for these monsters is fairly threadbare mostly giving AC and Hit Points, leaving it to the DM to hammer out the boring stuff. This shouldn't be too much trouble for any DM whos ever tweaked monsters but will...

  2. So many ideas, but so many little things to annoy cranky old gamers like me. I feel like I should absolutely love this, but the purple prose started to irritate me after a while. I like artwork to be more representational over the sketchy and somewhat abstract style here. It's absolutely stuffed with ideas though, and a game master is bound to find many useful things. I'm just not positive it's worth that big price tag.

  3. Amazing. Novel ideas Amazing. Novel ideas, translates the isolation, fear and claustrophobia of caving into words. Provides great new mechanics for gaming underground. Artwork is stunning (probably love it or hate it, though). Just a real work of art and great ideas for running campaigns in the underdark.

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