Where on Earth?: The Ultimate Atlas of What's Where in the World

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Where are the world's tallest buildings? Where are earthquakes most likely to occur? Where can you find animals that glow? Showcasing the most fascinating places on the planet, Where on Earth? is a collection of more than 75 3-D maps that show not only where everything is, but also why it's there.


This children's atlas is divided into six chapters: Geography, Nature, People, History, Arts & Entertainment, and Science & Technology. Where on Earth? brings an instant understanding to a wealth of subjects, stimulating interest in the world around us and drawing young readers into the topic. From physical geography, habitats of big cats, the Seven Wonders of the World, Olympic cities, shipwreck sites, and more, every map contains fact panels that provide additional information and useful statistics, while focus features pull out and explain the most interesting facets for an even richer experience.

Supports the Common Core State Standards.

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3 comments on “Where on Earth?: The Ultimate Atlas of What's Where in the World”

  1. loved the book My kids, age 7 and 8, loved the book. But the book lost most of its points because I lost confidence on the total correctness of the book as soon as I got to a place Ethiopia is depicted as Sunni Islam country. Someone didn’t do his research or got wrong information. Muslim population in Ethiopia are less than 30% of the total population. Ethiopia is a majority of Orthodox Christian and about 20% are Protestant Christian’s. As the neighboring countries were Muslim, the country was called...

  2. Wonderful Geography Book I read this every detail on every page with my 9-year old. It was fascinating and a great geography book. I can't wait to read it with my other kids as they get older. Great buy, we will be using it again and again.

  3. Wonderful purchase, recommend this book thoroughly for any budding ... 10-year-old could not put down this book for weeks. Book generated a lot of discussion in our household when he had follow-up questions or wanted to share information. Clever presentations and fascinating choice of subject matter. Wonderful purchase, recommend this book thoroughly for any budding geographer.

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