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3 comments on “World Collection Globe / International Flags / Earth Golf Ball Gift Set”

  1. Hard to rate How do you rate a product that is made to do one thing but you bought it for a totally different use? My husband collects globes so he really liked the golf balls with the earth printed on them. However, he is never going to use them for golf so I have no idea if they are good golf balls or not. They look very nice sitting on a shelf with his globe marble, and globe bank and globe humidor and globe decanter... But will this ball ever help anybody's golf game? We will never know.

  2. Nice Novelty Item These golf balls were perfect for our "Around the World in 18 Holes" member/guest event. The color of the balls (particularly the globes) make them a little difficult to see in the grass, but they were perfect for our purpose.

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